Mannen hör ett trummande ljud i huvudet, chockas när han upptäcker vad som kryper i örat

We humans are bigger than very many, maybe most, animals. Nevertheless, many of us have big phobias for smaller animals such as snakes, spiders and other small animals.

Whether this 60-year-old man was afraid of smaller animals, we do not know. But after hearing a strange sound in his ear he went to the doctor – and was shocked by the discovery.

During the night, many things happen that we are not aware of. This would be a 60-year-old pensioner in China. As usual, he had gone to bed in the evening and slept all night.

But in the morning he noticed something strange. Something he never noticed, or heard before.

Strange sound in the ear

In the ear he felt a sound that he describes as ”drumming”, according to the British Daily Star.

The man did not think about it anymore, but during the next night he woke up and felt it again. He tried to ignore the sound, but in the morning it was still there. That’s when he decided to go to the doctor.

The 60-year-old came in and met the doctor. He told her about her ear problem, and the doctor immediately opened his endoscope to try to see what the problem in the ear was.

Det tog inte många sekunder innan han fick reda på vad som trummade i mannens öra. Och det var en stor chock.

Hittade spindel

Det visade sig att en spindel hade flyttat in i mannens öra. Det trummande ljudet var mest sannolikt från när den kröp runt i örat – och ut mot ingången hade den byggt spindelväv. Det var mest troligt för att kunna skydda sig från faror utanför eller för att fånga byten.

Läkaren tog ett snabbt beslut att spruta vatten in mot örkanalen. Utan större problem fick han ut spindeln ur örat och mannen fick heller inga skador eller infektioner från spindelns nya hem.

On social media, the doctor should have written that he has been involved most of people’s ears, reports The Daily Star . But a spider, it was something new! In addition, the spider must have managed to be ejected from the ear – and may continue its life elsewhere.